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Join us in celebrating a decade of Economic Justice!

Help support Civil Justice at this year's annual fundraising event! Join us to celebrate a decade of Civil Justice's Economic Justice Program and recognize the accomplishments of three attorneys. This year's event will be June 13th, from 5:30-7:30pm at the Peale Museum. 

Economic Justice Program

Get help with landlord/tenant issues, medical debt collection defense, credit reporting problems, and debt collection violations.

Foreclosure Assistance

Facing a foreclosure filed against you in Maryland? Civil Justice can help!

Maryland Justice Passport

Get referrals to legal help, store documents and case information, and keep track of your next steps.

Lawyer Referral Service

Search the directory of Civil Justice member lawyers by county and practice area.

Evictions Help

Eligible tenants with an eviction-related legal problem can seek help from the Access to Counsel in Evictions Intake Line.

Our Network Attorneys

  Through our in-house programs and our network of 100 attorneys, Civil Justice is committed to meeting the legal needs of low and moderate income Marylanders. Network attorneys provide services throughout Maryland and in a range of practice areas.

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